Path to Financial Freedom

We build best in class Personal Finance Apps to navigate on Path to Financial Freedom. These Apps are top rated and most downloaded in Personal Finance Category on AppStores.


Our Mission & Values

Enlighten Path to Financial Freedom

Steps to Financial Freedom

  • 1
    Manage Income & Expense using Budget

    First step towards Financial Freedom is to have good balanced Budget. In simple terms have more Income then Expense that way there is some balance that can be put towards Financial Freedom.

  • 2
    Control & Reduce Debt

    Next step towards Financial Freedom is to Control & Reduce Debts. Uncontrolled debts creates friction towards Financial Freedom. LoanSmart is great tool to take Control & Reduce Debt.

  • 3
    Invest & Grow Money

    Once there is control over Budget & Debt, next important step is to Invest & Grow Money that way money starts working for you. InvestWise is a great tool to help Manage & Track Investments.

  • 4
    Define & Follow Financial Freedom Path

    Once having handle on Income, Expeses, Debt & Investment it is very important to have Financial Plan that guides & keeps you on Track of Financial Freedom. FinFree is a great tool that help define Financial Freedom Plan and Track progress along the way.

Tools for Financial Freedom

Managing Personal Finance & Achieving Financial Freedom requires right tools...

LoanSmart Loans Tracking & Saving
LoanSmart lets you manage all loans in one place. It allows Debt management & payoff Debt quickly by allowing to create and track saving analysis...
InvestWise Manage Investments
InvestWise allows to manage investment accounts set target and keep track of progress. Investments can be Fixed Deposit, Stocks or Mutual Fund..
FinFree Track Financial Freedom
FinFree allows to plan & track Financial Freedom. It greatly helps having smaller trackable progress on long journey of Financial Freedom...
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